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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy {Halloween}



Trick or Treat?!



Happy Halloween!



A football player, a cheerleader, a football and their fans!

Monday, October 1, 2012

{The end of the road}


After lots of thought and prayer,
I have decided that my time blogging has come to an end.
This has been a great experience.
I truly enjoy and cherish all of the relationships that have developed as a result of JIAD.
I love connecting with each of you and sharing our love for crafting, God and life together!

My family is growing and I need to focus on being the best wife and mama I can be.
I do not want to look back on these precious days while my littles are still little and regret anything! I want to spend my days truly enjoying my children and spending time with my wonderful husband.

Thank each of you for supporting JIAD over the past two years.
It’s been a fun journey!
I will leave JIAD up and who knows, I may want to post something in a month or so…
but right now,
I am going to be a wife and a mama!


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