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Monday, July 30, 2012

Floor Poof Tutorial {All Things Baby Guest Post}

All things baby

Hi, friends!
I'm Kendra and I'm visiting from The Good Life, where I blog about my Goodwill treasures, fashion finds, diy projects, and tutorials.

I'm so happy to be here today!
I love Johnny in a Dress and I'm excited for Natalie and her new baby!
Babies are such a wonderful blessing and I know she is treasuring this time!

Today, I'm going to share with you a tutorial for a floor cushion!

When I saw the original tutorial, I knew that it was a "must make" for my nursery. So, I headed to my trusty fabric stash and picked this yummy turquoise. This stack of fabric that was headed to Goodwill has come in so handy!

My mom helped me make this project! Actually, it was more like 70/30 and she was the 70. : )

We cut out two 22" circles and the rectangular part that we used for the sides of the cushion. The original tutorial made the circles 17", so we just sized up. We also made it taller (about 20", instead of 9"). I hope my instructions aren't too confusing, but there are super clear instructions (and all the measurements) on the original tutorial here.

I pinned the piping to the edge of the circles (fabric should be right-side-up). This project took about 5 yards of piping.

Then, my mom stitched the piping down. It's much easier if you use a zipper foot on your machine.

I pinned the rectangular piece of fabric to one of the circles, right sides together...

...and my mom sewed it. I was on pinning duty, she was on sewing duty. We make a great team.

We did the same thing to the other side, but left a 6"-8" opening to stuff our poof. Then, we turned it right-side-out and started stuffing.

Poly-fill is super expensive, so I bought these pillows from Wal-mart for $3.50 a piece and re-used the poly-fill that was inside. I needed 4 pillows (Since I made my poof taller, you may need less.), but it was still cheaper to buy the pillows than the stuffing. Just a tip. : )

We stuffed the poof pretty tight, because we knew that it would eventually get packed down, etc.

Then, I just hand-stitched the opening. And...I'm not going to show you a picture of that because, apparently, hand-stitching is not my thing. : )

Perfect for sitting, foot propping, baby standing, and my mom even suggested using it as a photo prop. Good idea!

Enjoying the Good Life,



Sunday, July 29, 2012

TheraSuit Week 3 {Cliff Update}


Cliff completed TheraSuit last week!
We are AMAZED with his progress!
He accomplished all of the goals Lisa set for him and then some!

Three weeks ago, Cliff walked into The Therapy Place for TheraSuit in his walker.
Last Friday, he walked out of TheraSuit with his canes!


Cliff worked so hard for three weeks and his hard work has paid off!



Cliff’s body now moves in a different way, a good way!
He is so aware of his body mechanics now, it really is amazing!
He will point out when he is moving properly.



Cliff still needs to build confidence, but we are working hard on that!
We are praying that the Lord will give Cliff peace of mind and confidence so that he will be able to gain more independence!

Remember about a month ago when I shared this picture of Cliff standing with his canes all by himself?!

. 553194_392085710847737_1864045912_n[1]

Look what Cliff is doing now:


This is nothing short of a miracle!
We are so so SO proud of Cliff, his hard work and dedication!
We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to Lisa who worked with Cliff over the past three weeks, who pushed him to his limit, who REALLY challenged him, who cheered him on when he wanted to give up and who fought back tears when Cliff was pushing through a difficult task, who had total confidence in Cliff’s abilities and helped make his dream of walking with his canes all by himself come true!

Of course we must stop to praise our awesome God!
God’s hands have been on Cliff since Cliff was born!
Watching Cliff is truly watching God perform a miracle.
We are so blessed to see God perform miracles right before out eyes through Cliff!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!
We are so blessed to have each and every one of you who cheer Cliff on, send the sweetest emails and pray for Cliff!
We read each and every comment, message to Cliff and they mean so much to him and us!

You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples.
Psalm 77:14

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Hollis {36 weeks}


I am 37 weeks today!
That means Hollis is considered FULL TERM!
Ross and I are so thankful that Hollis is still hanging out in my belly!

The belly continues to grow…
which IS the whole point of pregnancy – to grow a baby.
But for me, this is HUGE!
and even though it is virtually impossible for me to get comfortable,
I am loving every second of growing another life inside of me!

{36 weeks}


I had a doctor appointment last Tuesday for a BPP and to get my cerclage removed.
Hollis passed the BPP again receiving an 8/8!
We are so thankful she is doing so well!
…but we were unable to get any good ultrasound pictures of her this week…
she just wasn’t feeling a photo shoot that day!

{36 weeks 3 days}

The second the cerclage was removed, I immediately dilated from 1cm to 3cm.
But Hollis decided to stay put!

I have been taking it easy since the removal of my cerclage and am so thankful to have Ross who is amazingly supportive and who has been completely running our house since last Tuesday! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and daddy for our children!

{36 weeks 5 days}

This week I have been VERY uncomfortable.
Lots of contractions (obviously Braxton Hicks), back pain, etc!
I am not sleeping at night and have NO energy…
Thank goodness I am able to lounge around in my PJ’s all day and take it easy!
So, when I went to see Dr. Keeton on Friday morning for a NST and to get checked, 
I was CONVINCED I would be at least 4cm dilated and Hollis would arrive this weekend…
NOT the case!

{36 weeks 6 days}

I am still 3cm dilated!!!
(Honestly I am kind of relieved because I know the longer she stays put, the better!)

… The wait is on!…

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shay Designs {Sponsor Spotlight}


One of our amazing sponsors is Shay Designs!

Sharon, the owner of Shay Designs, creates the most beautiful personalized stamped jewelry, glass pendant necklaces, and other accessories that are so cute and meaningful!

Sharon sent me this picture a few weeks ago and it actually made me cry, happy tears of course!
How special is this beautiful Stamped Personalized Love of Family Necklace?!

love of family necklaceA


I can’t seem to take it off!


This necklace means to much to me and is a constant reminder of how special my family is and how truly blessed we are to have each other!


I love the simplicity.


Most of all, I love the sweet reminder that family is so important that necklace  provides.


Seriously, I love everything over at Shay Designs, but here are a few pieces that I MUST have:


Stamped Initial Sweet Rose Necklace

{Stamped Initial Sweet Rose Necklace}

Stamped Silver Filled and Brass Scripture Necklace

{Stamped Silver Filled and Brass Scripture Necklace}

HOPE Glass Pendant Necklace with White and Crystal Beads

{HOPE Glass Pendant Necklace with White and Crystal Beads}

…I could go on for days!

The quality and beauty of the pieces at Shay Designs are superior and simply stunning!

Make sure to visit Shay Designs today and take a look around!
You will not be disappointed… PROMISE!

Labor & Delivery Nurse {Gift Baskets}


I thought it would be so nice to take a little something to share with the all of the nurses at Labor & Delivery and Post Partum! Nurses work LOOOONG hours and often do not get the credit they deserve, so it is important to me that they know how much we appreciate their hard work to keep Hollis and I safe and healthy!

labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


I went to the store and bought items that are packaged and will last a fairly long time.


labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


Then I made this cute printable, glued it to a popsicle stick and added a bow!


labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


I found the baskets at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!
I think they were less than $5 a piece!
Then I added big felt bows to each basket!

labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


Once the baskets were filled with goodies, I stuck the Thank You Printable in between inner and outer edges of the basket!
That way it can be easily removed and the nurses can use the baskets for other things later on!


labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


See how they stick right in there?!


labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial


This was a simple way to say “thank you" to all of the nurses who will be taking care of Hollis and me!

labor and delivery nurse gift basket tutorial

I would love to know how you say “thank you” to the nurses who take care of you and your baby or other family members who are in the hospital!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty Things Thursday {3}


Welcome to Pretty Things Thursday!

Pretty Things Thursday

Here are a few of my pretties from last week:

{Paint Chip Banner}


{Breakfast Nook}


DIY upholstered headboard
{DIY Upholstered Headboard}


{DIY Vintage Industrial Light}

Make sure to grab a button if you were featured today!
(You can the Featured Button on the right sidebar!)


Ok, on to the RULES…

1. Please link YOUR projects, tutorials, tips, etc. that have not already been shared at Pretty Things Thursday.
2. DO NOT link any posts that include giveaways, things you are selling or other link parties.
3. Please put a link (text or button) back to Scissors & Spatulas and Johnny In A Dress somewhere on your blog!
4. Visit other links and leave LOTS of sweet comments!

Johnny In A Dress



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Packing for the Hospital {JIAD Style}


Since this is my third time packing for a hospital trip to have a baby,
I thought I could share some tips today with you on what I pack and why!

Ok, because packing for the new baby is SOOOO much fun,
here are some things I am taking for Hollis to the hospital.

Packing for Hospital Baby List

1. Cute newborn hats!
(The hospital ones are ok for when they are JUST born… but as soon as they are cleaned up, I like to put my babies is cute hats!)
(Buy these cute newborn hats from Infanteenie Beenie)

2. Onesies and gowns are a must!
(Make sure to pack plenty of outfits because newborns potty a lot and the diapers never seem to fit well around my babies’ super skinny thighs… so that means lots of leaks!)
Don’t forget a special coming home outfit!

3. Diapers and Wipes case to keep in Hollis’s bassinet.
(They provide diapers and wipes at our hospital, so I do not take diapers and wipes with us, just cute cases to keep them in!)

4. Lovies.
(For each of my babies, I start sleeping with their lovies a few months before they are born. That way they smell like me and if for some reason we are separated, they can have their lovies with them! – This came in very handy when Cliff was born since he went straight to the NICU… and yes, his lovies went with him!)

Make sure to take a few burps to clean up any mishaps that may occur!

Packing for Hospital Baby List

{Burp Cloth Tutorial}

And don’t forget baby blankies and swaddles!
(The hospital blankets are not my favorite…)

Packing for Hospital Baby List

(Purchase a personalized blanket from The Monogrammed Marketplace)

Of course, you will need a car seat for the baby to ride in when it’s time to go home!

Packing for Hospital Baby List

(Purchase a cute car seat cover from SewCuteInAZ)

A nursing cover is also a good thing to take for when visitors come by and you are nursing the baby!

Packing for Hospital Baby List

{Purchase this nursing cover pattern from Ruffled Begonia - be on the lookout for this nursing pattern giveaway soon!}

Speaking of nursing,
here are a few breastfeeding essentials that will accompany us to the hospital:

Packing for Hospital Baby List

{Purchase the Personalized Nursing On Demand Printable from JIAD on Etsy!}

Let’s start from the left and work our way to the right!

1. Medela tender care hydrogel pads are the BEST thing EVER, especially the first week or so when your nipples are sore.
(The lactation consultants at the hospital gave me a TON of these after Cliff & Harper were born, so I will ask them for some again, but I am packing these just IN CASE they are out of them!)

2.I always take a little notebook to write down when the baby nurses, which side she started on, how long on each side, when she poops and tee tees also! I record all of this for at least the first few months…totally OCD, I know!
(This time, I also downloaded a nursing app that records all of this for me, but I like to save these little notebooks in their baby books!)

3.Lansinoh HPA Lanolin is a MUST the first few months of nursing!
(The nurses usually have plenty little trail sizes of this, but I am taking it just in case!)

4.Nursing Pads go with me to the hospital too!
(My milk usually doesn’t come in until I get home, but I always take a few just in case!)

5.A cute sign to put in the baby’s bassinet so if they HAVE to go to the nursery for some reason, the nurses will know NOT to give her a paci or bottle!
(I exclusively  nurse my babies on demand so this is VERY important to me)

I also recommend taking a Boppy too!

Packing for Hospital Baby List

I also take presents for the older siblings from the new baby!
(These gifts also happen to have the ability to provide some serious entertainment while I am nursing the new baby!)
A little gift makes the older ones feel special!


Wanna see what’s inside?!

Packing for Hopsital2

A cute door hanger for the hospital door is also a must on my list!
I wanted something different from the standard bow with the baby’s stats on it this time,
so I made this:

Packing for Hospital Baby List

Isn’t it fun?!

Packing for Hospital Baby List

I am also taking gift baskets for the nurses stations at Labor and Delivery and Post Partum! Nurses work SO hard and rarely get the credit they deserve,
so I wanted to bring them a little something special to say “thank you!”

Packing for Hospital Baby List

{details on these are coming soon!}

Ok, now it’s time to see what I am packing for me:

Packing for Hospital Baby List

1. Comfy, nursing friendly dresses and my favorite nursing gown EVER!
I like to pack dresses because I feel better when I am “dressed.”
These are very light and comfortable and I don’t know about your, but I do not want to wear anything tight for a while after baby is born!

2. Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, my Chi hair straightener, my big round brush, deodorant, hair ties, makeup, lotion, etc.

3. Shoes and my “shower flip flops!”
(yes, showers that are in hospitals and hotels FREAK me out… so I have flip flops just for showering in these places)

This is one of the most important things we are bringing to the hospital with us:


Yes, we are banking Hollis’s cord blood.

I know you are thinking I forgot a few things…

What about undies?!
I wear those super HIDEOUS but super comfy mesh ones they give you at the hospital!
Yes, they are the most unattractive undies EVER, but who want’s to ruin cute undies after having a baby?! Not me!

What about pads?!
I use those GIANT ones they give you at the hospital for the few days we are there, then once we are home, I use “normal” pads.

Here are a few things I pack that are not pictured:
Purse and wallet with ID, insurance, cash, etc in it.
Medela Nursing Bras.
My pillow.
Camera, video camera and chargers for both.
Phone charger.
Laptop and charger.
A robe (even though it will most likely stay in the bag since it’s sooo HOT here).

I think that’s about it!

What do you pack in your hospital bag when you have a baby?!?

Totally forgot to mention a few KEY items for baby that a reader shared in a comment... OOPSIES!

Take the baby book with you!
That way the nurse can stamp baby's feet prints right in the book and I always write in them during labor!

You will also need:
a baby nail file
(I like these over clippers because I am always scared that I will cut their little finger tips off with the clippers at first)


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