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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Thankful!


The surgery went great!

Dr. Dobbs said Cliff should have excellent results and he was easily able to perform the surgery!
Ross and I were finally called back to see Cliff in recovery.
He was crying and the nurse said the dreaded words…

“muscle spasms.”

She maxed him out on Morphine, Valium, Oxycodone, Fentanyl and Toradol then…


we took a little stroll upstairs.




Cliff was still having muscle spasms,
so pain control was called and his doctors increased his dosage of Valium.
He took it orally at about 1:00pm and it worked wonderful!




Here are his little legs with the bandages!

He is trying to move his legs, but he is sore and he cries.

Which causes Ross and I to go into a frenzy of trying to figure out what will calm Cliff down. Seriously, it looks like a circus act and I am pretty sure if someone walked in on us in one of these “we will do anything to calm Cliff down moments” they would fall on the floor laughing at us.




Cliff is eating and drinking!




He even cracked a smile!

(can we say super doped up?!)




What I am about to tell you next in SUPER crazy and was not on our agenda…

We are actually taking Cliff back to the hotel NOW!

He is doing so great that the doctor told us we could go ahead and get some good sleep tonight!

(The hotel is connected to the hospital should anything happen…heaven forbid!)


He will have PT tomorrow at 1:00pm!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

God is soooooo good and we are so thankful!


  1. So sorry he was in so much pain. Poor guy. Can't believe they gave him all of those meds. Glad you are close by......I bet he sleeps well. He'll prbably feel alot better tomorrow. Glad the surgery itself went okay.

  2. Best news of the day! Yay for Cliff!!! Now, take those orders and get some good rest. You all need it.

  3. Oh Natalie! I am so glad everything went well for you all. I pray and hope that the 3 of you (make that 4 with Hollis!) had a really good sleep. Pray over Cliff when/if the spasms hit. There is nothing good that God can't do. :) And He loves Cliff so much!
    Hope PT goes well and that you get a really good weekend together.
    S x0x

  4. I'm so happy to hear the surgery went well! We're keeping Cliff in our prayers (along with the rest of your family). I know STL Children's Hospital is the best in the world so you're in great hands :)

  5. My eyes are filled with tears when reading this. Bless his sweet heart!! I am so glad it went well but hates that he even has to go through this. Y'all have been in my prayers and will continue to be for awhile. I am amazed at yall's strength and know that ya'll are in good hands.

  6. Glad he is well enough that yall can take him back to the hotel. Glad yalls and our prayers were answered today...god is good!!

  7. What a handsome little man even in pain. He has, along with you guys, been in my prayers constantly! I am so glad that he did well.

  8. SO happy to hear everything went well and you were already released! God is so good!!! I hope you all got some rest tonight and those muscle spasms stay away.

  9. Cliff make me one extremely proud aunt. I'm so glad he is doing well. Me and harper are so excited to see yall tomorrow! We love yall XOXO! Tell cliff me and harper say "goooooo clee!"

  10. I have only started following your blog recently but this brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy that everything went well and he is doing good. Sorry he was in so much pain! He truly is an amazing little boy! XOXO



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