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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{The Girl}


She proudly dances on the front of the boat for everyone to see.




Yes, she does have some killer moves.
(Ross says in about 10 years Harper will not be allowed to leave the house…)




And once we are on the beach,
her dancing continues…




Up and down the beach.
Carefree. Living in the moment. Letting the music take her away.
If I weren’t VERY pregnant… I would totally join her.
…Guess there’s always next year!




Then out of no where,
she walks up to me and says “I be da baby, Mama!”
So I quickly wrap her in a towel and hold her. 
I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and whisper how much I love her in her ear.
I drink in these fleeting moments of her “being the baby” because soon,
she will rather be dancing on the beach and not in my arms.




This girl loves to snack.
Chips, gummies and breakfast bars are her favorites.




And if you ask her to share…
you will most likely get a big “NO!” followed by this face:




Then I look at her and see her sucking on her right pointer finger aka “fu fa fum”
and I just stare at her,
trying to etch the way she looks with her little pouty lips sucking on her finger.
Memorizing every little detail of her while she is still little.




Lately, Harper has been walking the fine line of being a baby and becoming a big girl.
I can’t help but try my best to capture the “baby” moments while they are still in her,
because I know that all too soon,
she will step over the line and cross over to the “big girl” side.




No matter how big you get Harper,
you will always be my baby.
I love you!

Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover!


I decided to redecorate our master bedroom on a Friday morning.
Three days later our bedroom looked like this:
(You can see what it used to look like here)


yellow and gray master bedroom 


Ross and I LOVE our new “getaway!”


yellow and gray master bedroom

{Tutorial on this 5 minute monogram a lamp shade coming soon and maybe a fun giveaway from our friends at Expressions Vinyl!}


When decorating our “new” room,
I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered.
I carefully chose a few of my favorite pieces d├ęcor that we already had in our house and with a little rearranging, everything has a new purpose.


yellow and gray master bedroom


I ran across this lamp shade at Target and HAD to have them for our bedroom!
Then I noticed that these glass bases were PERFECT for these shades!
Gotta LOVE the mix and match options at Target!
(This is what spurred the three day redecorating frenzy!)


yellow and gray master bedroom


I whipped up these pillows during naptime.
I fell in love with the Premier Print Twill Collection and instantly chose to mix yellow with black and white.


yellow and gray master bedroom

{DIY monogram pillow tutorial coming soon!}


I also added the stripes to the bottom of the window treatments because the panels were a little short.  
It adds a fun, unexpected pop of interest in the room!


yellow and gray master bedroom

{Tutorial on how to make a simple, inexpensive curtain rod is coming soon!}


These fun frames used to be GOLD and have mirrors in them…
With a little paint and sprucing up, they became a fun way to display pictures of the littles!


DIY picture frame

{A tutorial on using this lacquer paint and how to create these frames coming soon!}


This fun chair I found on the side of the road also has a new look!
Love it!


yellow and gray master bedroom


And this buffet was an awesome thrift store score!

Get ready to see the full transformation!


Stenciled wall


These signs were inspired by these that I fell in love with on Pinterest.
And yes, I will share how I made them so you can create your own!

Don’t you love the stencil on the wall?!
Well, if your are lucky, you can win your very own Cutting Edge Stencil soon right here on JIAD!


yellow and gray master bedroom


Did you notice the giant ruffle lamp?!

Remember The Mummy Lamp?
Yep, it has a new look too!


yellow and gray master bedroom

{Tutorial coming soon!}


The walls were painted with Valspar Montpelier Ashlar Gray. 
The stencil was painted using Aspen Gray (see above).


yellow and gray master bedroom


I could sit and just BE in our bedroom all day.

yellow and gray master bedroom


It is so peaceful, simple and fun!


yellow and gray master bedroom


Stay tuned for a ton of easy tutorials and a few giveaways!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cliff Update {Post Op Week 2}



This week started out ROUGH!

Cliff was not wanting to bear any weight on his right leg and would not straighten it out! He refused to even look at his walker and would pitch a fit when I tried to put his braces on him.
I was starting to panic and even had a complete break down one time because I started to question if we did the right thing.
Well, this only lasted a few days and by Tuesday, Cliff was doing this:



{11 days post op}



I took him to The Therapy Place on Tuesday for his last day of The Bridges Program and after being there for 6 hours and having an AWESOME hour of PT, I walked in to pick him up and he was WALKING in his walker!


Everyday, Cliff has been getting stronger and faster!
He is getting heel strike with his left foot AND his right foot!
He is finally able to straighten his right leg completely and really swing his leg out to take a proper step!
In the video, you can see how Cliff’s left foot turns in a little.
This is because of muscle weakness, but he is learning to correct it on his own!
We are so proud of Cliff and all that he has accomplished in just two short weeks!




The rest of this week has been magical for Cliff!

He is doing things that may seem so small to many people,
but are HUGE for him!
He is walking with FLAT FEET and gets tickled with himself with every step he takes!

He will stop, giggle and say “Look, Mama! I am walking with FLAT feet!”

He says his legs are feeling MUCH better but are still a “tiny bit sore!”

And he is asking to walk pretty much everywhere!




He is such a brave, strong little boy and we are so blessed that God allowed us to be his parents!
Cliff is such a blessing to us and is our daily reminder of God’s love.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1

Baby Update {Weeks 26–28}

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant!

HELLO Third Trimester…
Harper was born at 37 weeks,
so according to the past, we have about 9 weeks to go until “D Day!”
(holy moly… I am totally freaking out…)


I am pretty sure my belly grows by the minute,
It is becoming very difficult for me to lift Cliff. 
Here are some belly pictures of the past few weeks:



{25 weeks 4 days}





{26 weeks 5 days}




{27 weeks 5 days}


This past week,
I had an ultrasound!

It started out like this with her hand over her face and all I could think was
“Typical Hollis!”




{27 weeks 3 days}

We were able to see her cute little feet!



{27 weeks 3 days}


Then it happened!
DeeDee (the BEST Ultrasound Tech EVER) captured this picture and I can’t stop looking at it!
How cute is that?!



{27 weeks 3 days}


Then she resumed her “typical Hollis” behavior and put her foot over her mouth and nose!


{27 weeks 3 days}


Hollis is now breach… and we are hoping that she will flip back around soon!
This makes me SOOO nervous because Cliff and Harper both stayed head down the entire pregnancy and the thought of a C-Section terrifies me…



I have to share with you a little story that I think if hilarious.  
It’s true and it has to do with the Hubs:


Earlier this week Ross walked into the den and plopped into the chair,
complaining about his “awful heartburn.”
He kept saying “I have NEVER had HEART-burn before… this is so weird… and it hurts!”

I replied “welcome to my world… go drink some milk!” 
(For about 6 weeks now my heartburn/reflux has been SO bad that my throat hurts and my ears burn…) 
I didn’t really think much of it until the next night when Ross
came hobbling into the den.
I asked him “What happened?! Did you hurt your ankle or something?!”
He said “No… I think there is something wrong with my hip joint. Every time I take a step I have this deep, stabbing pain that shoots from my hip down the back of my left leg… I don’t know WHAT is going on…”
Then it all clicked and I started laughing… and laughing… and laughing until I was in full blown tears!

Ever since Hollis turned head up a few weeks ago,
she has been pressing on my sciatic nerve causing a stabbing pain that runs from MY left hip down my leg.

He did not do this with Cliff or Harper and all of the sudden with baby #3 he is feeling what I am feeling?!
So STRANGE, but hilarious!
(I am secretly LOVING this)

Let me add that Ross is not one to complain when he is not feeling well.
I told him to take it easy because we don’t want him going into labor too early!

Oh yea, and he swears his belly is bigger too!
(Guess we will both be losing baby weight after Hollis arrives)


Has your hubby ever experienced pregnancy symptoms?!
If so, PLEASE share!
I think this is so funny!


Most importantly, Hollis appears to be healthy and happy!
I go back next week for another ultrasound to check her growth and make sure everything is still looking good!


We are so thankful!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Phone Dump {Instagram}


This week has been CRAZY!
We are all still trying to get back into the swing of things.
Here is our week in Instagram photos:




This week was exhausting,
but we got A LOT done!

In between the craziness that I shared yesterday,
I am taking time to soak up the littles.
Be with them.
Enjoy them.


Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012



So, this week I have completely been taken over by…

the nesting bug.

Seriously, I am am MAD woman…

Actually, I am not too sure if it is really the nesting bug or something else…

My best friend, Jill, told me last weekend
“This is what you do when your life gets crazy… you distract yourself with projects!”

She is totally right!

Having BOTH littles go through surgery in the same week will just about drive any mama insane, so I cope with the aftermath of the chaos by obsessively redecorating, reorganizing, rearranging… pretty much RE-doing everything I can.

But starting next week,
I will be sharing all of my CRAZINESS with you,

which means TUTORIAL overload and new giveaways!



Oh yea,
and in the mists of the craziness that has been my life for the past three weeks,
I totally forgot to announce the winner of the awesome SNAP Swag!




the winner is:


Erin @ How to Nest for Less says:

May 1, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Follow you on Pinterest!


Yay Erin! Please email me your mailing address so I can get your goodies out to you ASAP!

(*The winner was chosen via


And just to drive you crazy,,,

here are a few things I will be sharing in the weeks to come:


I decided to COMPLETELY redecorate our Master Bedroom…

Everything is DIY and very simple to do!

Get ready for some seriously fun ideas on how to spruce up your home without spending big bucks!





Happy mail!
I can’t wait to show you what I made with all this fabric

even though the picture above may totally give it away!




Oh yea,
I even decided to stencil a wall in our bedroom because I have nothing better to do!…


Get ready for an awesome giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils!




I knocked out our master bedroom and bathroom in THREE days…
THREE days!

(See what Jill  means?!)
Now I am on to finally putting the finishing touches on the nursery!
I can’t WAIT to show you every single detail!

That means MORE tutorials and fun!





Tomorrow JIAD will be back to “normal” with Friday Phone Dump!
See you then!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Phone Dump {Instagram}


This week I have been trying my best to restore order in our house and get the littles back to their normal routines!

Here is our week in Instagram photos:




I have a little favor to ask of you!
Cliff’s friend Emma wants to win an adaptive bike that she can ride safely!
(it will be similar to Cliff’s bike)

Can you PLEASE click the link below and vote for her?!
This means so much to sweet Emma and her family!

(HURRY! There are only 3 hours left!)


Thank you all for your support!


Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cliff Update {Post Op Week 1}

Cliff’s PERCS surgery was one week ago today!
And he has come a long way already!
Seriously, his determination and strength amazes me.
I am in awe of my four year old.
He is by far the strongest person I know!


As soon as we got home, Cliff started crawling around and climbing off of furniture.
He really did not skip a beat!
Everyday we do post op exercises and he tries to stand.
Cliff had his first hour of physical therapy with his amazing, wonderful therapist, Danielle on Tuesday!
He did well considering he just had surgery 4 days prior.
He tried to stand, but it was very difficult for him.
He is sore and he is feeling sensations he has never felt before.
He has to learn how his “new legs” work and it is scary for him.

Oh yea, we also took his bandages off on Tuesday and his incisions are looking good!





Today the littles slept until 9:00!
And the planets must have been perfectly aligned because we all woke up in great moods!… maybe it was the extra sleep we all had!  
Today, Cliff arrived at PT ready and excited to work hard!




Cliff stood up with more confidence today!




And even though this is very challenging to him,
he rose above the challenge with a smile on his face!




Cliff let go of Ms. Danielle’s hand and pointed!

He said “I see a C for Cliff on the wall over there!… it’s red!”

(Note: this is all while STANDING with ONE cane and a little support from his PT!)




Then Cliff walked in his walker for the first time since his surgery!




It is very difficult for him and he has to learn how to use his legs properly.
He was so proud of himself!




…and then a split second later,
soreness and defeat took over.
But with a little cheering, he managed to take a few more steps and really push himself!





Did you notice that Cliff is getting HEEL STRIKE?!




He is doing really well lifting his left knee and swinging his leg through to achieve heel strike and take a proper step! The right leg will get there, he just needs to strengthen his hip flexor in his right hip (like stomping). His steps are MUCH better already and I know they will continue to get better and better everyday!


We are so thankful!
Our Lord continues to bless Cliff!

Seeing Him perform miracles right before our eyes is simply wonderful!

God is soooo good!


"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."

Job 9:10

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Happiness is everywhere.
It surrounds us and even though life can be a little crazy… ok, a lot crazy,

happiness is still there.
Sometimes you just have to look for it.


Happiness is seeing that Cliff and Harper want to sit next to each other and giggle about silly things together.




Happiness is the fact that even though The Girl is growing up way too fast,
there are parts of her that are still baby.




It is in the excitement of watching The Boy become giddy with glee over the fact that some planes can land on water and float like a boat.




Happiness is watching them play fully content, in their own little worlds, but within arms reach of each other.




It is in the way she is enamored with sand.
She acts like she has never seen it before.




Happiness is being surrounded by great friends who love our littles.




Even though it kind of breaks my heart when Harper, just like a big girl,
does this with ease…




the way she grins with pride as she replaces the cap is pure happiness.




Happiness is sitting back and watching boys be boys,
even if they are breaking the rules and spraying sunscreen at anyone who passes by.




It is in the squeals and laughter of those who unexpectedly become the next victim on the wrong side of a water gun filled with cold super water.




Happiness is watching The Boy have the time of his life.




And being proud when sister, the usual water gun target, dishes it right back…
never skipping a beat!
(You go girl!)




Happiness is editing photos and coming across an unexpected moment that Ross happened to capture.
Soon there will be three little ones to love with all my heart.

That is happiness.




It is in the way his soul is so sweet and pure.
When you look into his eyes, you can help but be filed with happiness.




Happiness is kissing soft cheeks.




And capturing one of his facial expressions that would have most likely been forgotten in years to come.




Happiness is taking a moment to see, really see the beauty that the world around us has to offer and soaking it in, just like God intended us to do when He created it.




Happiness is everywhere.

Sometimes you just have to look for it.


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