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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Triscuit Pizza Bites!


I LOVE food.
And being pregnant just makes me love it even MORE!
Lately one of my favorite things to eat are
Triscuit Pizza Bites!

These are soooo simple and fast to make,
which is perfect for a quick lunch or snack!




They are super simple and SOOOO yummy!
Here’s what you need:

Cheese (graded)


Salsa (your favorite kind!)




Put the Triscuits on a microwave safe plate.
Add salsa on top then sprinkle some cheese on top!




Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds…
(this time may vary depending on your microwave)




Take them out and ENJOY!




There is nothing better than a simple snack or lunch!

Happy Eating!


  1. Oh the kids would love these - thanks!

  2. Oh my gosh, I always melt cheese on triscuits but never thought of adding salsa. YUMO!
    I love food even more when I'm preggo too and I think it's the overwhelming hunger urge that really gets me! This is why I gain 50 pounds each pregnancy :)

  3. never thought of it with triscuits - mmmm...i'm on my way to the pantry right now! xo

  4. This is a favorite in my house! It is super simple to make and very kid friendly!

  5. Isn't it sooo funny how pregnancy can really change your eating habbits?! I am actually worse when I am nursing.. I eat a lot more! Just cheese is a great idea! Next time I run out of salsa I am totally trying this!

  6. Those look so good! We do something similar in our house with nacho chips but I like your idea with Triscuits. Yum!

  7. OH!!! We would certainly love it!! Hmm..need to remember this!!



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