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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fishin' Game Tutorial!



I recently made Harper her very own Fishin’ Game!
…and she LOVES it!




I pinned this a while ago, thinking it was linked to a tutorial…
but it was linked to a store!



Pinned Image


So in true JIAD style I decided to would make my own version!
I went through Harper’s sock drawer and found a few socks that were
too small or had no match…
Then I got some stuffing and got to work!

Stuff the sock with stuffing.



Work the stuffing with your thumb into the sock.
Once the stuffing is down in the foot part of the sock tie it off with a tiny rubber band.

(see the next picture if you are confused)



Hot glue a little magnet to the bottom of the sock…




…where the toes would go.

Make sure to press firmly and use a good amount of glue!





Next get some felt (I used scraps) and hot glue whatever shapes or designs you want

onto the fish! Remember hot glue LOVES felt!




Cut little circles out of felt and add some eyes…




Then cut a strip of felt long enough to go around the tail of the fish so that it covers up the rubberband and make a bow!





And now you have a super cute little fishy that will attach to any metal surface!




To make a fishing pole,
take a dow rod and cut it to your desired length.

Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to make your “line.”

(remember to add a few extra inches to the final length you want when cutting)

Hot glue one end of the ribbon around one end of the dow rod.

Next, grab a metal “hook” from the peg board in your husband's tool room and hot glue the ribbon around the straight part of the “hook!”



Finish off with a bow because everything looks better with a bow!




And if you want to,
you can cut a little piece of felt and hot glue it on the ends of the dow rod to make sure there aren’t any sharp edges from cutting your rod!





Make a bunch more fish and have fun with it!





And now you have super cute and fun fishin’ game for your little one to play with!




This would make a wonderful gift for a birthday too!

Good luck catching those fish!


  1. So cute Natalie! Just make sure Hollis doesn't pull the magnets off!!! :) I remeber when you pinned this one - I was thinking that I should make some for my nieces. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  2. Those little fish are too cute! Very clever idea.

  3. I have that pinned, too! I didn't know it was to a shop! Boo. Or is it yay??? Because YOU did an awesome tutorial! I'll be doing this for sure! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

  4. That is adorable!! I might just have to make one for my nephew. Thanks for sharing!


    P.S. I'm stopping over from the party at Keeping it Simple. :)

  5. This is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad you weren't deterred by the Etsy shop and made your own. Great tutorial and great ideas. I'm pinning it.

  6. Super cute!! And a great way to put those random socks to use! One thought-- perhaps glue the magnet to the INSIDE of the toe of the sock, so it is not a risk. Magnets are scary...

    Can't wait to make ours!

  7. Super cute!! My girl would love this. I will defiantly have to try this one out.
    New follower! :-)

  8. I love these little fishies!! I am new to your blog and just read your Special Needs section because I have a child with Special Needs too(who will LOVE this fishing game!!). It's nice to read about your perspective on life and disabilities--or abilities, as the way I feel about my son too! Thanks for sharing.


  9. This is soooo ADORABLE!!! I just so happen to have two daughters that would LOVE THIS!!!

    Please come over to The DIY Dreamer and share this:

  10. This is so much fun! Just a thought... if the magnet was strong enough you could put it on the inside of the sock before stuffing it... then you wouldn't have to worry about the little one pulling it off!!

  11. I have the same thoughts, would a magnet inside the sock still work correctly if glued?

    it sounds like it would, but I could be wrong lol I will keep reading the comments in case someone has already answered...

    otherwise, we'll be testing this theory soon for our own little girls :-)

  12. Hey Misty! You will need a strong magnet to glue onto the inside of the sock! It should work though!

  13. Natalie,

    thanks for answering! that's a great point lol

    I held one of my magnets inside the sock and it didn't work well enough for me, so I'm going with magnet on outside for sure :-)

    can't wait for my little one to open her gifts on Christmas morning, she is going to LOVE this game!!

    thanks again for the great tutorial :-)

  14. [...] love making games for kids, and this simple Sock fishing Game is perfect way to upcycle up those socks that have lost their [...]

  15. This is a lovely idea! I made a quick and cheap fishing set for my son with paper clips and cardboard fish but he'd love this. one question - wondering why you wouldn't try it the other way around? ie put a strong magnet as your fishing 'hook', then put something small and metallic inside the toe of each sock. I might give it a go, my daughter would definitely spend all her time trying to pull off the magnets from the outside.

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