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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Update {20 weeks}


I am 20 weeks pregnant!

5 months!

HALF way there!


I know I say it all the time… but this pregnancy is FLYING by!


Ross and I went to see The Zac Brown Band!

We had SOOO much fun!

(except for when he made me wait in the beer line with him for 30 minutes…)



{18 weeks 6 days}


Hollis moves all the time and I love it!

I have my tired days and my not so tired days.

Mornings are MUCH better for me to get things done…

as the day goes on, I get VERY sleepy!

I have gained 4 pounds so far.

(I gained 10 pounds total with Cliff and 16 pounds total with Harper)

I am not taking Zofran much, but there are a few days that I need it here and there.



{19 weeks 2 days}


This week I had my 20 week ultrasound and I am thrilled to say that Hollis looks perfectly healthy!

(…the only downside was that we used all of the paper in the ultrasound machine…)




I left my CD at home this week…

So these pictures were taken from my phone.


Here is sweet Baby Hollis at 19 weeks 5 days!




One of the little feet that I feel kicking me all the time!




And because I just cant help it…








She weighs 11 ounces, which is in the 50% range!

Ross and I are feeling sooo thankful that Hollis looks so healthy!

God is soooo good!


Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Phone Dump {Instagram}


This week in Instagram photos:





I had my 20 week ultrasound (more on that tomorrow)!

The Boy was a rock star ALL week with his walker!

We played outside A LOT!

Ross and I went to see The Zac Brown Band and had a blast!

The Bump is still growing!

…And I ate… A LOT!


Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tiny Dancer


The Girl is still LOVING “dance kwass!”

She asks to go everyday.



Harper’s favorite day of the week.

This is the day she goes to dance.

Our Wednesdays go a little something like this:




After nap,

The Girl requests to “dress wike Nance (aka Fancy Nancy).”

She chooses which Tutu she wants to wear.

She beams with joy when she looks like “Nance!”




Then she always warms up before going to dance by

performing her BEST dance moves.

And I must admit…

The Girl has some awesome dance moves.


tiny dancer


There is something about dance that makes Harper a little more full of her self than she normally is… 

so, as soon as we get home,

we head outside to “debrief” a bit.




Each week,

Harper’s “debriefing” process is the same

She kisses pinecones…




Climbs up the steps in the most un-lady like way.




Busts out what dance moves are left in her.

These moves tend to be more “hippy” like,

as if she is one with nature…

flowing in the breeze.




Then she takes a ride on the 4 wheeler…

…in her tutu…




And once all of her “debriefing” is over,

The Girl is just a smidge sassy, just the way she usually is… 

and we are ready to go inside for supper!






The Girl’s favorite day of the week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chevron Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

I made this Pennant Chevron Pennant Banner
for Harper’s Bow Tie & Tutu Birthday Party!


I ran across this Chevron Pennant Banner created by the fabulous Jen over at TT&J and fell in LOVE!

chevron pennants all in a row[1]

Jen created hers using her Silhouette!
I could have easily made mine with my Silhouette,
but decided to create a tutorial for those of you who do not have a Silhouette…
because I love you THAT much!

here is how you can make you own Chevron Pennant Banner sans a Silhouette!

Gather your fabrics and cut your pennants out.
Mine were about 7 inches long and 5 inches across the top!


Cut a strip of Heat n Bond and apply to the backs of your fabric according to the directions on the package.
(I cut my Heat n Bond about 3.5 inches wide and 8 inches across)


Next find or create a chevron pattern on your computer and print it out.
Then Trace it onto the back of the Heat n Bond.
Trace about 5 pennant chevron lines per pennant.
Tip: You can line the chevron pattern up with the first line and trace the bottom line to save time!
Once you are finished tracing your chevron pattern,
cut them ALL out!


Peel the paper off of the back of the chevron pattern and apply to the front the of the pennants according to the directions on the Heat n Bond package.
Trim the excess pieces of fabric as needed.


Now it is time to assemble the actual banner!
Get your twine, ribbon or whatever you want to use and cut it to be as long or short as you want your banner to be!
Remember to leave room at the ends for hanging the banner up!


Lay your twine out in a straight line and then lay each pennant where you want it to be on the banner.
Turn each pennant over and put a strip of hot glue across the top of the pennant.
Carefully place the twine on top of the glue and press into place!
Repeat this step for all of the pennants!


I wanted to make the banner a little more girly,
I decided to add lace trim to the top of each pennant!


Cut the lace trim into strips.


Add hot glue to the top, front of each pennant…


And carefully place the lace trim on top of the pennant.


If you want to add a little more happiness to your banner,
cut strips of fabric about one inch wide and 19 inches long.


Tie the strips onto the twine between each pennant and…


You have a super cutie Chevron Pennant Banner!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Cliff {Update}

I have received a bunch of emails asking about Cliff!
He is doing wonderful, but there are more challenges ahead.

One huge change in Cliff’s life is that he is back in our Church Preschool two mornings a week with all of his friends!
This year Cliff walks all the way from the car…


…down the long hallway…
(The Girl likes to “hewlp Cwee”)


… and into his classroom where he is always eagerly greeted by his buddies!


The children in his class are so sweet to Cliff.
On numerous occasions when I go to pick him up, he is playing with a few friends on the floor.
When they see me, they go get his walker and push it over to him so he can get into it!
We are so blessed that Cliff has such sweet friends and teachers!

We have been venturing out more lately and Cliff is loving every second of it!
He WANTS to walk in his walker everywhere we go!
And his speed has increased sooo much!


Cliff doesn’t need me to help him adapt to situations as much anymore.
His independence is thriving.
He does things like get out of his walker and climbs onto the little step to “check out” at the play grocery store!
The Boy amazes me everyday.


Cliff is still going to The Therapy Place three days a week where he works VERY hard!
His determination is so inspiring.


Cliff is walking on his toes now.
He used to have nice, flat feet, but because of hamstring and inner thigh tightness,
this is no longer the case.

Ross and I want to share with you that we are heading back to St. Louis
in May for Cliff to undergo another operation.
Thankfully, this operation is not as invasive as the last operation.
Ross and I know that this surgery HAS to be done,
but it is so scary, heart breaking that our little boy has to go through this
and to be honest we are worried how Cliff will react this time.
He is a year and a half older than he was when he had the SDR.
He will most likely remember having the surgery and recovery this time.

I will go into all of the details about this surgery very soon.
But for now, we just need you to put Cliff in your prayers.
Please pray that when Ross and I tell him about the surgery, he is not scared.
Please pray that Cliff does not have anxiety.
Please pray that he understands what is going on as best as his 4 year old mind can and that he knows how much we love him.

Thank you all for your support!
God is so wonderful and He continues to open doors for Cliff!
We are so thankful!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Update! {17, 18 & 19 weeks}

I am 19 weeks pregnant today!
Seriously, this pregnancy is FLYING by at lightening speed.
I go to my Dr. once a week now to get my 17P Shots, which is soooo not fun,
but totally worth it!
(I feel like a human pin cushion between these and my twice daily Lovenox shots)

The nursery is coming along and I can’t wait to show you every single detail!
Here is a little sneaky peeky (just because I LOVE to torture you… bwaaaahaha):


Here are some pictures of my ever growing bump over the last few weeks:


{17 weeks}


{18 weeks}

I am pretty sure Hollis went through a MAJOR growth spurt between weeks 17 & 18!
Don’t you agree?!?

This past Thursday,
I fell and landed on my belly while I was trying to wrangle Harper in her carseat…
It hurt… really bad… then the cramping started.
I called my Doctor and she said to come in right away to get checked out.
Thankfully, Hollis was just fine and there was no bleeding going on in there!
Praise Jesus!

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet messages!
I am so blessed to have all of you rally around us when things get scary and tough!

Here are the latest pictures of Hollis from the unexpected ultrasound I had this week:


{Her sweet little heart is beating away!}


{18 weeks 5 days}

18.5WKS_3{Hollis sporting her first bow!}

Oh yea,
and just because I am neurotic and will have them check until she is born…
here is another potty shot…


Hollis is still a GIRL!!!




She is moving a lot these days!
I wake up a lot at night because she is having a dance party in my belly.
Feeling her move and kick in my belly just may be the best feeling in this entire world.
You can see my belly move now when she is busy in there and I have felt her kick many times with my hand,
but every time poor Ross rushes over to put his hand on my belly,
she stops… which seems to be in true Hollis fashion!

Most of you know the baby’s name is
Hollis Corley

The name Hollis comes from my beautiful, older sister.
Her last name is Hollis.


{She is gorgeous inside and out}

Corley comes from Ross’s Grandmother, Ganny.
Her maiden name is Corley.

068 (2)aa

{She has the sweetest, purest soul of anyone I have ever met.}

We are so honored to name Hollis Corley after two amazing women who have played huge parts in both mine and Ross’s lives!

Next week, there will be new pictures of Hollis!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Photo Dump {Instagram}


This week was sooo much fun!

Here is our week in Instagram Photos:




This week we took the boat to the lake for the first time this year!

I found the PERFECT cradle for Hollis for only $20!

The Girl was super snuggly.

We pulled out the kitty pool!

And had a dance party in the kids bathroom!


I’d say it was a pretty awesome week!

(Besides yesterday’s incident… more on that tomorrow)


Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scrappy TUTUorial!





These tutus were a HIT at Harper’s Bow Tie & Tutu Birthday Party!

The little girls looked so cute in them!

DSC_0146 (2)

Here is what you need:


Hot glue (with the gun)

Fabric scraps cut into strips (mine were about 17 – 20 inches long)

And a cute little girl ready to sport her new tutu!

Cut the elastic to your child’s waist size.

(These little girls are about 2-3 years old. I cut the elastic into pieces 15 inches long.)



Put a good amount of hot glue on one end of the elastic.


Press the opposite end of the elastic firmly on top of the

hot glue and hold in place until dry!

Make sure your elastic is not twisted and that it creates a circle.

(Confused? See next pic)


You should have something like this.


Gather all of your fabric strips.

(Because I am insane… I was making 12 of these… you will most likely not need THIS much fabric!)


Lay one strip of fabric down then place the elastic on the center of the strip and fold the fabric strip over the elastic like this:



Next tie the fabric strip into a knot to secure it to the elastic.

(I ended up putting the elastic band around my thigh so it was pulled tight like I did in this tutorial.)





Continue tying knots… and tying knots… and tying knots…

until all of the elastic is covered up.

Then you will have this:



Now you have a Scrappy Tutu!


Happy Thursday!


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