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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cliff Spider Program Week 1 Videos!

This first week of the Spider Program has been awesome and very intense!
I am learning so much about Cliff's body and the way it works,
especially his "Post Op Rhizotomy" body!

Here is a video of Cliff learning how to stand up properly from a seated position!
He is learning to shift his weight forward so that he can stand up!

It always amazes me how something so simple like standing from a seated position
can be so challenging to Cliff!

This next video is HUGE for Cliff!
You just HAVE to see it for yourself:

I tear up every time I see this video of Cliff!
What a miracle!
I am so proud of Cliff and his determination!
His hard work is going to pay off in a huge way!
Go Cliff Go!
Isn't God soooo good?!


  1. He has such a good attitude. Love his smile. I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. This just mealts my heart!! It is so amazing to him standing and walking, God is good!!

  3. Way to go Cliff! Love these videos! he is such a champ!!

  4. Great progress! Go Cliff Go! Thanks for sharing the videos.

  5. Tell Cliff that Clara is so proud of him!! These videos are amazing. Go Cliff Go!!

  6. yay cliff! so amazing!! love and miss yall!

  7. I am so proud of Cliff!!! This just made my week!



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