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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween
The Flintstones!

Wilma & Fred... 

...they {love} each other!

Pebbles = less then thrilled...

Bam Bam = the happiest boy ever!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Yay for CANDY!

(Yes, I made all of the costumes totally last minute...)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I received an email asking if I would take part in a wonderful event to raise awareness about Breast Cancer.
My response : OF COURSE!

Please make sure to put a pink sticker on your calendar, get a call buddy, put an alarm on your phone, whatever you have to do to remind yourself each month to do a Self Breast Exam.
Learn how here.
Women should preform these exams starting in their 20's - It's never too early to save your life!

Please ask your Doctor at your next visit if you should be screened.
Early detection can SAVE YOUR LIFE!
Breast Cancer Facts can be found here.

Let's all stop and take a moment to lift those who have lost love ones to breast cancer, those who are fighting breast cancer and those who have survived breast cancer up in prayer.

Pinned Image
I want to give away an Infinity Scarf from The Shop
...a PINK one, of course!

All you have to do is share this fun event with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to raise awareness about Breast Cancer!
Leave a comment for each!
*5 extra extra entries (leave 5 extra comments):
Share this button on your blog October 30th to raise awareness!

The winner will be chosen via and will be announced Monday, October 31st!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Truth be told Little Miss Priss has issues... Birthday Parties that is.

While singing "Happy Birthday" she is fine!

When it's time to cut  the cake... she is fine!
(unless the cake is in reach... then she just can't help herself!)

While playing with her friends during the party she is fine!

But then when the time comes to open presents, something happens to our sweet little angel.

She just can't seem to understand that MAYBE, just MAYBE the gifts belong to someone else...

When we try to explain to her that it is not HER birthday party.
Then it happens...
...she goes into a tizzy...

And her entire day is ruined...

...So, she tries to hijack another present...
and when we explain once more that her party is not TODAY...
...She STOMPS off...

...and tries to find someone who feels sorry for her!

This happened to be documented at Cliff's Pirate Party, but this happens at EVERY party we have gone to in the past year.

Which causes me anxiety everytime Harper gets a party invitation...
So, I am just putting this out there as a warning...
If you invite Harper to your little's party,
we may have to make an exit BEFORE it's time to open presents!

It is just WAY too traumatic for our little Drama Queen to see someone else being showered with gifts!

Does your little do this?!
(PLEASE say "YES!" and make me feel better...)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pirate Party {The Pirates}

You saw the decor, now it time to see the Pirates!

Captian Cliff was so excited about his Pirate Party!

He had a blast playing with the Pirate Ship Sand and Water Table!
(Thanks Jill for sharing this with us!)

Singing "Happy Birthday" this year was so special.
Captian Cliff has been through so much in his four years of life!
We are so proud of him!

And the fact that Ross and I have a FOUR year old is so strange...
I swear Cliff was born yesterday...
Where did the time go?!

I just LOVE seeing littles eat cupcakes!
How cute are they?!

 Even the pups were all decked out in Pirate attire!
Gotta love Pirate Pups!
 (Isn't my little sister beautiful?!)

Our backyard was filled with little Pirates!
We were so happy to have such joy in our home!

...Even the adults got in on the Pirate fun!
(sorry Aunt Frankie - I couldn't resist!)

I love being surrounded our friends and family.
Celebrating 4 years of Cliff's life.
He is so special and all of us.

 Cliff was so happy to have his favorite people around him to celebrate his special day!

Friends and family.
It's what life's about!

Cliff had a wonderful Pirate Party!

We are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Happy Fourth Birthday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whatcha Been Up To {Wednesday}

Whatcha Been Up To:
Last minute costume edition!

Learn how to make this super cute Bumblebee costume over at redBuddy Notes!

Learn how to create this awesome Hippy Baby Costume over at Life As A Thrifter!

I am loving this 50's Poodle Gal Costume shared by Ode to Inspiration!

This is by far my favorite so far!
Get the details over at Reese Dixon!

A little Doctor

Learn how Jessica from Running With Scissors made these super fun Dragon Tails!

Make sure to grab a button!

Johnny In A Dress

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peek a Boo Pattern {winner}

The THREE winners of the Peek a Boo Pattern Shop Giveaway are...

Wow! I love the little coat and your daughter is the cutest thing ever! I'd love to have the Adele skirt.
kimberlysaid... 39
I've pinned ALL of your wreaths! :)
I love the retro romper. Cute!

Congrats to all three of you!
Please send me an email and I will forward your info to Amy!
You have 24 hours to respond!

*Winners were randomly selected using

Pirate Party Decor {Giveaway}

Ahoy Matey!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Cliff's 4th birthday with a Pirate Party!

Cupcake toppers - a party must!
I created these with my Silhouette.
Love them!

Left: Party favors and telescopes I made with paper towel rolls wrapped in black card stock with fabric scraps tied around one end!
Middle: Hanging pirate pretties. These were hanging from the trees in our backyard! I found coasters at the Dollar Tree and hot clued two of them together with twine in the middle.
Right: Mason Jars filled with sand and a foe "map" were used to hold the table cloths down.
(I used this technique to create the maps)

Of course I HAD to have Tissue Pom Poms to hanging from the trees in our backyard!

For the little pirates we had juice boxes in a tin tub on the ground!
Simple and all the littles had to do was grab a drink!
They loved being independent!

And I couldn't help but have some pretty flowers in small glass jars as a simple centerpiece on our outdoor table that we moved into the yard for the party.

Every Pirate Party HAS to have buried treasure!  

We found this chest at the flea market for $8!
(I will share how I refinished it soon)
It was filled with pirate hats, eye patches, hooks and swords!
Needless to say,
our backyard was hijacked by little pirates!

Because we had a TON of loot left over, I want to give it to one of YOU instead of tossing it out!

One lucky JIAD reader will win the following:

2 Pirate Pennant Banners
9 Pirate Goody Bags filled with hooks and compasses
7 Telescopes
8 Pirate Hats
3 Pirate Pretties
1 Yo Ho Ho Treasure To Go
3 Pirate Flags
1 Buried Treasure Sign
1 Ahoy Matey Pirate Juice Sign

You may leave one comment for the following:
1. Follow JIAD!
2. Follow JIAD on Twitter.
3. Follow JIAD on Facebook!
4. Tweet / Facebook this giveaway include @JohnnyInADress!
5. Pin your favorite JIAD project!

The winner will be chosen via and announced on October 31!
What a fun Halloween surprise!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Framed Drying Rack How-To!

A few weeks ago, the theme of American Crafter was "House of Organization."
Thanks to all of your fabulous support, I won Round 2!

I decided to organize our laundry room and one thing we desperately needed was a drying rack.
I had a vision and the hubs brought it to life!
This is how we made our very own drying rack!

I had this not so cute long rectangular frame...

I took the picture out of the frame and gave the frame a good coat of white!

(Wait! Do NOT do this... You can paint the whole thing later.. The frame got beat up during the transformation and I had to repaint it!)

Ross then cut a piece of peg board so that it would fit perfectly inside the frame.
Then he measured the inside of the frame and cut pieces of 1in x 1in wood and created a "frame" inside of the frame. Do NOT nail it together yet, leave the pieces apart until later... 

I wanted 5 rods to hang clothes on, so the hubs measured the long pieces of the 1 x 1 wood, did some math, then drilled 5 holes through both pieces of wood for the dow rods to go through.
He stacked the long pieces of wood on top of each other and clamped them together before he drilled the holes. That way the holes would line up perfectly. 

He placed the inside "frame" back inside the frame (are you super confused or what?!) and we measured to determine how long each dow rod needed to be.

Then he started cutting the dow rods! 

The hubs then hammered the rods into place.

Once the rods were sandwiched between the two long sides, he nailed the short ends on.
Then we had something like a little ladder!

We attached the bottom of the rack to the peg board with little hinges.
After a few coats of spray paint, we drilled a hole in the top center of the actual frame and added a  decorative knob. Then we screwed a little hook onto the top, center of the rack making sure that it will "hook" behind the knob to hold the rack up when it is not in use.

I tied two pieces of twine to the top corners of the rack and ran the twine through the holes of the peg board then secured it to the back of the frame.
That way the rack will only open as wide as you want it to!

Now we have the perfect place to air dry our delicate clothes!

Happy Laundry!


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