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Friday, September 30, 2011


Our second Monthly Newsletter is going out at 12:00 am!

One lucky JIAD follower will be randomly selected to win an item from The Shop and the winner will be announced in the Monthly Newsletter!

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Dear Amy Butler,

A package arrived at my house the other day and this was inside:

A whole bunch you your wonderful fabrics!
I was like a kid in a candy store...
and still am!

I just wanted to thank you for creating the most fabulous fabric EVER.
And thank you for fueling my obsession with fabric...
Yes Amy,
you are an enabler to my addiction and I love you for that!

With love,
(the fabric addict)

What are you loving at the moment?! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011


piles and piles of fabrics have been taking over our house!

I have been working, working and working,

making new items that will soon be added to The Shop...

...And then shipped off to all of YOU!

I am so excited to add these new products to The Shop!

Thank you all for your wonderful support! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatcha Been Up To {Wednesday}

Let's see whatcha been up to!

Jessie from Imperfectly Polished shares how she made this awesome super comfy Maxi Dress!

 Learn how to make your own Ruffled Curtains over at Flamingo Toes!
Love me some ruffles!

Becca over at Nap Time Journal shares how she made this super cute Halloween Silhouette Pennant Banner! 

Learn how to make these fun Halloween Jars over at Crafty Indulgence!
Totally making these for our bar!
Love it! 

Check out these Fun Pincushions over at Make The Best Of Things!
Aren't they functional and pretty?!?

Make sure to grab a button if you were featured today!

Johnny In A Dress

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty Up Your Pumpkins {JIAD style}

A few days ago I showed you my pumpkins!
Today I am going to show you how to make your own!

The pumpkins used to look like this:
(They were purchased at Wally World and the Dollar Tree)

 Some of them had "natural" looking stems -  which I like.
Some of them had cheap green plastic stems - which I do not like...

I started out by gently removing all of the stems
 (except for the green ones... I had other plans for those pumpkins...)

I gathered all of the little pumpkins with the dreaded green stems and the two larger pumpkins (stems removed) and my favorite Krylon Rut Tough Enamel spray paint and went outside! 

After a few coats they pumpkins were lookin' like something I would have in my house!

While the silver pumpkins were drying, I went inside and cut up little fabric scraps into smaller pieces:

Then I got my hot glue gun, placed a dab of glue then stuck a little piece of fabric onto the pumpkin...

Then repeated that like 5,000 more times until the entire pumpkin was covered!
(make sure not to cover the hole for the stem to go back in!)

I got some more ribbon scraps and cut them into strips then created ruffles with my sewing machine.
You can see how here.

 I put a strip of hot glue on the pumpkin and then added the ruffle.

.... hot glue... ruffle....

If my ruffle was too long, then I cut it and when I got the the top, I folded the end of the ruffle under and glued it down (confused?! see next picture!)!

Make sure NOT to cover the hole for the stem to go back in!
Once all of your pumpkins are all scrappy and rufflie, put your stems back on (you may want to hot glue them back into place)!

Make sure to use different fabrics to create a fun bunch of pumpkins and gourds!

Gotta love a mixture of scrappy, shiny and ruffled pumpkins!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Studio 162 Winner!

The winner of the Studio 162 Giveaway is....


Christy who said:

Ohhh my! I would get the tiered wooden blue bowls. L.O.V.E.

Happy Birthday 4th Cliff!


Today you turn 4 years old!
I keep asking myself "what happened to my baby boy?" and "where has the time gone?"
You are amazing.
You are brilliant.
You are beautiful.

Everyday you make us laugh.
You make us smile.
You can turn the worst day into the best day with one of your hilarious stories.

You are so kind.
So loving.
You are caring and so very compassionate. 

Although you are on a tougher path than most, you are always smiling.
Finding the joy in life.
You are happy.
You are healthy.
You amaze us everyday with your strength and perseverance.

You work harder to complete everyday tasks than most people every will in their entire lives.
Yet you never complain.
You are the light of our lives.
You are our miracle.

You are a child of God.
Your faith is amazing.
You know God.
You trust God.
You love God.
 God chose you, my sweet Boy, to be use as his teaching tool and you teach us beautifully.
You inspire everyone you come in contact with and even those you do not even know.
You are living proof of our Lord's good work.

Happy Birthday Cliff!

We Love you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

{pumpkins} JIAD style

These fun pumpkins are taking over our house!

They weren't always this "rufflie" and fun!

They were so simple to make! 

And a few gourds are even scrappy!

Aren't they super fun?!

Wanna make some of your own?!

A tutorial is coming soon!

Happy Saturday!

I am linking this post here , here and to these awesome places!

Friday, September 23, 2011

60 Year Old New Filing Cabinent!

In my craftroom is this awesome filing cabinent that I got for... FREE!
We are not exactly sure how old it REALLY is, but if we HAD to guess it would be at least 60 years old! We found some very old photographs in it and some old catalogs from the 50's!

It was SUPER ugly when we got it and SUPER heavy (thank goodness the hubs has big muscles!)!

I was drawn to the character this filing cabinent had and knew with a little TLC it could become a fantastic piece for my craftroom!

I began by wiping it down really well and making sure it was completely dry.
Then I got out the Kilz!

I started painting, painting and painting!

Then I got out my trusty old sand paper and roughed the edges of the cabinent up a little bit!
YES, you can sand metal!

I used my trusty old Silhouette and cut out labels for the outside of the drawers:

Now I have some seriously AWESOME storage!

Just because something is "old" doesn't mean it can't be "new" again!
What have you revamped lately?!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's snoop!

Ok, now that you have seen our craft/playroom, I am opening the drawers and showing you how I store all of my goodies!

I found this wire rack thingy at the flea market for $5!
After a little spray paint, it was ready to hold my fabric scraps!
Love it!

This coat rack from the 90% off isle Hobby Lobby is perfect for displaying a few of my Ruffled Scarves!

And my ribbon and ruffle scraps live in these fun little buckets that I found at Hobby Lobby for less than $1! Fun and functional!

I found this at the local thrift store for $5! It was brown and super ugly until I attacked it with some paint and sand paper! Now it is one of my favorite pieces in our playroom!
(don't worry! - The full transformation will be shared soon)

Craft supplies can be used as decor if stored in a pretty way!
I just love the pops of color it adds to this room!

Here is a peek into Cliff's Homeschool drawer!

...and this is my JIAD Shipping drawer!
(I need to restock my supplies - thanks to YOU!)

Inside the top drawer of  my sewing desk lives a bunch of neatly folded fabric!
This makes me smile everytime I open it!

And in the second drawer are my ribbons!

I cut dow rods the width of the drawer so they would sit on the little lip and hold my spools of ribbon!
This can be done with any drawer!
If there is no "lip" inside the drawer then add a little piece of wood along the insides of the drawer for the dow rods to sit on!

And because I am sooo nice, I will even show you the inside of my desk drawer!

With a little imagination and work, anything can become a functional, but pretty storage option for your crafts!

You just gotta think outside the box!


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