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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whatcha Been Up To {Wednesday}

Want something from JIAD The Shop?!?
Then head on over to 36th Avenue and enter the Johnny In A Dress Giveaway!
36th Avenue

Welcome to Whatcha Been Up To Wednesday!

Let's see what all of you amazing, super talented, crafty ladies have been up to lately....

Check out these super cute Easy Skirts that Lindsay created over at Southern Lovely!

Hilary from S + H created this amazing Fabric Rosette Topiary using items she had around her house!

I am totally freaking out over this Painted Floor Mat created by Carissa over at The Fabulous Design File!

Staci from Just Sew Sassy created this awesome Rolled Burlap and Rosette Fall Wreath!
I am soooooo ready for FALL!

This Headband Holder was made by Andrea from The Simple Craft Diaries.
You will never guess what she used to make this!

Julia from Sweet Serendipity created this super cute Pallet Board Art PB Knock Off!


If you were featured, grab a button!

Johnny In A Dress

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mabel's Labels {GIVEAWAY}

I am honored that Mabel's Labels is one of our fabulous sponsors!

They sent me three sets of their awesome Colourful Sticky Labels!

These labels are AMAZING!

Pretty much everything we own now has a label on it!
Sippy Cups, Books, Tupperware...

Did I mention that all of our labels have been through the dishwasher multiple times and they STILL look brand spankin' new?!

...We can't forget lunchboxes!

Oh yea, there is even a label on Harper's "nite nite!" (This label has been washed and washed and washed... it still looks brand new!)

These fabulous labels even made it through the toughest test of all:
a trip to the beach...

And the label was still perfectly adhered to Harper's sippy, even after "rolling in the surf" all day!  
These things are SERIOUS, I mean even SAND didn't compromise their sticky-ness!

Guess what?!?
Because Mabel's Labels is SUPER cool, they have offered to give one lucky JIAD reader a book of Colourful Sticky Labels!

Make sure you are a JIAD follower then you can leave a seperate comment for each:  

1. Like Mabel's Labels on Facebook.
2. Follow Mabel's Labels on Twitter.
3. Follow JIAD on Facebook.
4.Follow JIAD on Twitter.
5.  "Pin" your favorite JIAD project on Pinterest!

The winner will be chosen via and will be announced on Monday, September 5th!

Good Luck!

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 minute Lamp Shade revamp!

Want to spruce up a room without spending big bucks?!

Then this post is for you!

I needed a new lamp for my dinning room and wanted to use one that I already had.
There was one problem... the red shade that was on this lamp did NOT work in my dinning room....
So, I did this:

I grabbed some fabric that was left over from recovering the dinning room chairs (make sure your fabric is at least 2 inches wider than the shade and will wrap all the way around with a little but of fabric overlapping each other), the lampshade and some spray adhesive then made a mad dash for the door...

I attacked the shade with the spray adhesive...

Then "rolled" the shade across the fabric like this:

...Keep rolling...

And once the entire outside of the shade is covered, You should have at least an inch of fabric left over on both ends. Take the fabric, spray it with more adhesive spray and adhere it to the inside of the shade, making sure to "work out" any wrinkles as best as you can! 

 Now you have an entirely new lamp for your house!

Not too shabby for a 10 minute project!

I am linking this post here , here and to these awesome places!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winterize The Ruffle Dress

Thanks to all of YOU, 
The Ruffle Dress has become a hot seller in The Shop!

Here are a few that I made recently:

Isn't the ruffle fabulous?!

I love how each different fabric gives The Ruffle Dress a totally new look!

And don't even get me started on the cuteness of the sash!
Love it!

Ok, so I get a ton of emails saying "I REALLY want to buy a dress, but winter is coming soon!"
So, here are two ways you can winterize The Ruffle Dress:

1. Throw a cardigan over it then belt it!
Toss on some boots and you're ready to go!
(picture this with tights on too... it is 100 degrees here and the though of tights almost gave me a heat stroke...)

2. Put a long sleeve tee or turtleneck under it!

(please excuse the "wrinkleyness" of my shirt... it has been wadded up in a drawer for the past 6 months and I was too lazy to iron it...)

The best thing about The Ruffle Dress is that is can be worn through the summer, fall, winter AND spring!
One dress that easily transitions through all FOUR seasons!

Gotta love that!

Make sure you get yours NOW!

Oh yea,
and if you are big in to college football like we are, then check out the facebook page for collegiate fabric ideas so you can watch the game in style!

Whatcha waitin for?!
Get YOURS today!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Attend Southern B.L.O.G.S. for FREE!

Want to attend Southern B.L.O.G.S. for FREE?!?

Then click on over to the Southern B.L.O.G.S. site and enter to win a free ticket! 

You can find detailed info on this Southern filled weekend here!

See ya'll there!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Sneak Peek!

Some of you know that our playroom my craftroom is going through a MAJOR overhaul!

And because I love a little torture, here is a sneak peek of what's to come on JIAD:

Don't worry, you will get to see every little detail of every little inch of my new craft space!

Oh yea, and there will be a TON of tutorials too!

... and perhaps an awesome giveaway for one of YOU!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whatcha Been Up To Wednesday - 1!

One of the things that inspires me the most is YOUR fabulous projects!
So, each Wednesday is now officially "Whatcha Been Up To Wednesday!"
I will share a few of my favorite tutorials and projects that inspire me each week!
Be inspired.

Check out these fabulous Napkin Pom Poms Flowers created by Victoria over at Vixen Made:

I am loving this Magazine Rack Transformation over at Crafting For Chiari:

I am pretty much obsessed with these awesome Restoration Hardware Knockoff Industrial Baskets created by Jennifer over at Blissfully Ever After:

Check out these beautiful Monogrammed Lampshades that Stacy created for her dinning room over at Conspicuous Style:  

If you have been featured, make sure to grab a button!

Johnny In A Dress

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The newest member of our family...

Meet Gigi, our new baby!

Her days consist of soaking in a tub full of bubbles.

"Hanging" out with her friends...

Taking long afternoon naps.

And soaking up the rays.

Did I mention she is now the new contributor to JIAD?
Gigi Blogs.

I'd say she is livin' the life!

Welcome to the family Gigi!
We love you bunches!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spray Paint Your SOFA?!?!

In our playroom lives this fabulous sofa that I got for... FREE!

But that's not the whole story...

It used to look like this (brace yourself)...

ok, ok it's not THAT bad:

But THEN I discovered that Rust-oleum has VINYL spray paint!
OMG can we say I was (...and still am) FREAKING out?!?
(can you hear the choir of angels?!?)
Want Proof:

So, I snagged up 4 cans at $7 a pop and go to sprayin'

After three good coats I ended up with this:  

Can you believe this once navy blue sofa was SPRAY PAINTED white?!? 

I mean, does it get any better than that?! 

I am completely in LOVE.

$28 for a super cutie, child friendly sofa to lounge around on is FABULOUS in my book!

What have you transformed lately?!


Is it crunchy?
NOPE! It feels just like leather or soft vinyl! Soft and smooth.

Does it crack?
Nope. We have used the tar out of it and it is holding up great so far!

What if something spills on it?
Wipe it off! Because it is in the playroom is has already had milk, juice, Popsicle, ice cream all over it. Harper also smeared a Strawberry NutriGrain bar all over it the other day...I just take a damp rag and wipe the mess up! No problem!

Is there fabric spray paint?
The can says "Fabric & Vinyl" so I guess it would also work on fabric too! I have not used it on fabric YET! If you do, please send me an email and let me know how it works!

Where did you find it?
The local Auto Parts store.

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