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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harper's 1st Birthday Party - Part Three!

Ok, This is the third and FINAL post for Harper's first birthday!


I am so thankful that God blessed us with such an amazing little girl!

A family shot!

Harper loved all of her gifts! She was standing by her presents staring at them for a good while and I finally broke down and let her open them!

She was so excited! (Everything Harper opened even pink or girlie, Cliff would say "I want that!" "Give me that!"...)

Harper was not too thrilled about the mess on her hands after we sang "Happy Birthday" to her! In fact she actually got upset and began to fuss until we removed the cake and cleaned her off!
  I love her for that! A girl after my own heart!

Harper was super happy and played with EVERYTHING she received for her birthday later that night!

Harper's first birthday party was so sweet and a ton of fun!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Harper's first year of life!
We are so thankful for her!

Oh Yea! Don't forget your party bag on the way out!

A fabulous party to celebrate our fabulous little girl!



  1. Wow! Love her outfit!! She is just too cute in the pictures. :)

  2. What a sweet girl. Have to tell you my middle name is Harper and I wanted it as a first for one of my daughters but hubs didn't agree... so my daughter's name is Natalie Harper!

  3. Very cute!! My older daughter wouldn't touch the cake on her first birthday either! And she still freaks out if she gets food on her hands! (She will be 3 next week). I am now your newest follower! Would love for you to stop by!


  4. Hi, I just found your post from your link on Kelly's Korner. Cute party! I am in the midst of planning my daughter's first birthday, and have no idea what to put in the goodie bags. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for coming by Krista! For Harper's first birthday party I put little bead necklaces, shiney bangle braclets, a little rubber ducky and an Earth's Best Apple Bar!

  6. Oh yea! And for the little boys that came to her party I put a little motorcycle, an Apple Bar, a ducky and a little bouncy ball!

  7. Natalie, pero que fiesta tan bonita, te voy a copiar muchas cosas para hacerle a mis princesitas Daniela y Lilieth.

    Besos, Dios te bendiga.



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