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Friday, December 10, 2010

Stocking Tutorial!

Still wanna see how I made our stockings?!

ok, Here goes!

Make a pattern.
I liked the shape and size of Cliff's stocking, so I just traced that!

Then I cut out the stocking (cut 2 pieces). Also, I forgot to take a picture, but cut the cuff (2 pieces) and make sure to cut it twice the length you want it when you are done (I cute mine out of a different fabric from the stocking)!  

Then get out the old trusty Heat N Bond and applique what ever you want on your stocking! I did polka dots and also made patches for the toe and heel of the stocking out of the same fabric at the cuff (confused? see the next pic!)! I appliqued our names on the cuffs too!

Lay out what you want to applique and then iron away!

I decided to add ric rac around the toe and heel too! So pin the rickrack on and sew it on!  

Then pin the back of the stocking and front of the stocking together (right sides in!) and sew the front and back pieces together, leaving the top open, of course:

Now for the tab to hang the stocking:

Cut a strip of fabric (I cut mine 2x the width than I wanted it to be and I eyeballed the length).

Fold in half and stitch the tube closed.

To turn is right side out, put a safety pin on the inside of the "tube" like this:

Now put the top of the pin back into the tube scrunch and pull the fabric a little bit at a time:

Keep on pushing the pin towards the other side and keep working the right side until it is all the way out. Then iron flat.

Before pinning the cuff together to sew, pin the tab with the loop on the inside and then sew both sides of the cuff like this:


Then with your applique at the upside down and at the top of your stocking pin the cuff and stocking right sides together: 

And stitch:

Turn the cuff right side out and then iron flat! Turn the raw edge down into the stocking and iron the top of the cuff flat too!

And that's it!

Enjoy your new Christmas Stocking!

If you make this, please share your version with me!
I love to see your creations!


  1. natalie, I'm not a real seamstress so I'm having trouble visualizing how you sewed the cuff. I'm pitiful but I just can't seem to grasp that part even tho I know it must be so simple to you. Could you explain one more time? Once the two sides are sewn together, I can't understand the cuff part.
    Gmama Jane
    How is CLiff doing???

  2. Slip the Cuff over the stocking with right sides facing together AND upside down(if you have a name on it) then stitch around the top of stocking! Hopefully that will help! It is hard to put into words!



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