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Monday, October 4, 2010

$1.50 Shoes Anyone?!

I paid $1.50 for these:

Well, they actually started out as these:

My local Walmart has these ballet flats on clearance for $1.50! So run out to your Walmart and see if you get lucky! If not, then look in your closet! I am SURE there are a pair of ballet flats that need a little revamping!

Start by taping off the sole of the shoe. We do not want to paint the sole... that just wouldn't be cute!

Stuff the shoes with paper towels or tissue. So the insides will not be painted.

Get your favorite color spray paint and start spraying your shoes! Let each coat fry VERY well. Make sure to apply a nice even layer too. (I use Krylon Jade, of course... I have painted EVERYTHING this color for the past month.... think it's time for me to move on?!)

I let the last coat dry over night. I ran out of time for one thing and I wanted to make sure the paint was 100 percent dry before adding my ruffles!

I cut 1 ruffle for each shoe. (mine were 7 in x 2 in)

Turn 3 sides (1 long side and the 2 short sides) in 1/4 in and sew.

 Now do a running (or basting) stitch down the raw edge of the fabric.

Pull ONE thread to create your ruffle. Make sure to "try" it on your shoe so the ruffle  in the correct length. Then knot the two ends.

Hot glue the raw edge of the ruffle and then stick on the inside top of the shoe. (if confused, see next picture)

See? Just like this:

Then place a few dots along the top edge of the ballet flat to hold the ruffle down.

Trim the threads (you could do this earlier, I just totally forgot!) and poof! A new cutie patootie pair of shoes!

Now get all dressed up and show off your "new" super cute shoes! 



  1. I love this..what a great idea! I will have to give this a try! :)

  2. I've never considered spray painting shoes. You're so smart!

  3. Natalie, I have spent ALL day browsing through your tutorials and I am loving everything! These shoes are adorable. Thanks for stopping by Grits and Giggles. I can't wait to read more of your stuff and see your adorable projects.

  4. I love these shoes, I will have to give this a try



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