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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Say Cheese!"

So my old camera just quit working. Would not turn on. I tried to charge the battery, but that didn't work either... and then I thought my life was O.V.E.R. I had a meltdown because I am always taking pictures of the kids and the thought of no camera is like pushing the fast forward button on my children's childhood!... and THEN.... My hubby goes and gets me a new camera! He is the BEST! So please hang in there while I learn how to use it... my pictures may not be that great for a while....

Anyways, we anxiously unbox the camera like two kids on Christmas morning, put the parts and pieces together... and then Ross pulls out the Camera Strap.... and it is sooo not cute... actually, It's u-g-l-y!

So instead of learning how to use the camera I decided to sew a cover for the camera strap! Here's how it turned out:

LOVE! that the strap is no longer hideous, I can actually learn how to use my new camera!

Want One?!?!? Email me!


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