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Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Days of Summer!

Yesterday we went to the lake after Church! The weather was PERFECT. There was a slight breeze and the sun peeked through the clouds at just the perfect times. Cliff and Harper were great considering the fact that the both missed their naps. They love to be outside! Being on the water is something that Ross and I both really enjoy. From the looks of it, both Cliff and Harper love it too! Here is what we did:

Cliff sat on the edge of the water and threw sand....

while Harper continuously ate fistfuls of sand....

....Did I mention she now has seven teeth?! Yes, s-e-v-e-n!

Cliff ate Teddy Grahams for his snack (aren't those little hands too cute?!)

Harper sat beside Cliff and wished she could eat Teddy Grahams too... (I kept telling her "It won't be long sweet Harper!")

Ross and Cliff swam for what seemed like FOREVER! Cliff is a little fish and does not want to get out of the water! Ross and I did not mind because he was kicking him legs to swim, sneaking in a little physical therapy ;) !

Cliff and Harper enjoyed the shade too! (notice how Cliff is holding onto Harper's bumbo! He is so sweet with her and she adores him! I just love seeing them interact with each other.)

Then we headed home! But that is not the end of the story....

Ross ended up hitting a curb with the trailer and one of the six wheels was literally about to fall off... there are NO pictures of this because that may have been the end of our marriage!... (not really, but needless to say it was not a pretty sight!) Then to make matters worse Harper was screaming in the car (I am sure her tummy did not feel too well after eating all that sand) and then Cliff began to throw up (I forgot to mention that he drank half the lake while he was swimming)! So I was handling the children while Ross is fixing the wheel on the boat trailer! Let me tell you, it was a sight to be seen! By the time Ross and I both got back into the car we just looked at each other and laughed the rest of the way home.

I mean, what else can you do?!


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